Friday, October 19, 2012

Fiesta Cubana!

Cuban Pig Roast and Dance Party with Tito y Su Son de Cuba

5008 Telegraph Ave.

Sunday, November 18th
5pm pig roast
7pm dance party

Planting Seeds: a group of Bay Area chefs, educators and artists traveling to Havana for a cultural exchange between two local food communities

Raising money so we can GIVE EVERYTHING AWAY to the folks we interact and exchange ideas with in Havana.  We want to give all of the food we cook away for free, as well as stock up the classrooms at the local culinary school where we'll be teaching with all sorts of excellent tools and ingredients.  We want to bring tools and seeds for the urban gardeners we'll be meeting and working with, too!  Help us make this happen!

How much:
$40 for dinner, dancing & a drink
$20 for kids under 12
$20 for dance party & a drink

Cash bar featuring drinks made with Agricole Rum from St. George Spirits


Raffle tickets:
$5 each or 5 for $20
**Raffle prize winners need not be present to win!  We can send you (mailable) prizes via USPS.**

With amazing prizes from:

What is Planting Seeds?

photo source: Maria Finn

Planting Seeds is a group of Bay Area chefs, educators and artists heading to Havana, Cuba in December 2012 for a cultural exchange between our two local food communities. Our fearless leader Varun Mehra has been hard at work for nearly a year, organizing this trip in collaboration with the Green Cities Fund, an Oakland based non-profit organization with a 20 year history of humanitarian work in Cuba.

We've been learning many inspiring things about the Cuban food system, most prominently about the amazing network of urban and school gardens (every public school in Havana has a garden) producing the majority of Havana's produce. We've also been learning about the sad details of food rationing and the fact that 80% of the food that Cubans eat is imported (and disturbingly, much of their meat is sneakily sold to them by Tyson meats here in the states), even though it's an agricultural country. It's this kind of ironic duality that has inspired our work and our hopes for this trip.

photo source: Maria Finn

We'll be heading over from December 4th to 11th, while the Havana International Film Festival will be in full swing, to work on several food-related projects including:
  • a cooking workshop for students at Artechef, a local culinary school
  • two dinners bringing together local farmers, artists, students and diplomats
  • meeting with, learning from, and exchanging ideas with local urban farmers and school garden educators
  • taking over a local street food stall, guerilla-style, to connect with everyday folks
  • Two of our cooks, Danielle and Melissa, are young Cuban-Americans returning to Cuba for the first time as adults, looking to reconnect with their extended families and experience current Cuban food culture first-hand. 
  • We'll be working with the Fernando Ortiz Foundation, friends from Slow Food Havana, and the Antonio Jimenez Foundation for Man and Nature but we welcome any and all contacts you might be willing to share with us as well. 

photo source: Maria Finn

In order to be able to give everything away for FREE to the folks we hope to feed and interact with in Havana, as well as to meet our goal of bringing an amazing assortment of tools and ingredients to leave as gifts with the culinary students and school garden educators we will be working with, we are hosting a pig roast and Cuban dance party, complete with an incredible Son band, Tito y Su Son, on Sunday, November 18th at Pizzaiolo in Oakland. Please, come, spread the word, and support our project! Buy tickets for the party and raffle here.

If you are interested in donating a prize for our raffle, please email Samin at ciao {at} saminnosrat {dot} com.


Charlie & Matilda Hallowell, Pizzaiolo and Boot & Shoe Service
Danielle Alvarez, Chez Panisse
Dominica Salomon, Cosecha
Greta Caruso, Good Eggs
Hannah Johnson, Upstream Multimedia
Jerome Waag, Chez Panisse & OPEN Restaurant
Kelsie Kerr, Chez Panisse
Melissa Fernandez, Fig & Miel
Samin Nosrat, writer, teacher & cook